It is not licit to deny Holy Communion on the tongue
JLove, I'm like you and will not receive except kneeling and on the tongue.  I figured out if you close your eyes and put out your tongue then just about any priest will just give you the host without issue.  Hope that helps!
JL, they did that here too for a short while, flu scare, I simply made spiritual Communions. I have NEVER taken Jssus in my hands. I would personally consider it a sin, maybe even a sacrilidge but thats just me.  I am in the So Cal desert, and the local N.O. church is 1 mile away. They have a trad chapel 25 miles away, and I attend mass there when there is a priest, which is hit and miss. THAT, avoids the problem entirely.

Anyone know of a traditional priest who wants to relocate to the So Cal area, this is in the desert, Yucca Valley Ca. They are looking for one. The priest now has to drive 130 miles from Orange County, when he can. Strictly latin mass and they use the pre '55 missal.
I can remember going to a NO Church one day because I wanted badly to go to a first Friday Mass. I had to go to confession first which I did. After my confession I asked the priest if I could receive Communion kneeling. I know I didn't have to ask but I wanted to because I knew it would be unusual and I would be willing to wait until the rest of the people had received. Well, this priest's reaction caused me to just about run out of the Church. He said "Oh God please no! Not that!! Please don't do that!" That was the end of me setting foot in a NO Mass as I just simply gathered my things and walked out of Church.

Now, even though the Franciscan monastery has a very pius and reverend NO Mass, and uses pattens when giving Communion, I wouldn't even go to Mass there because it is a NO Mass and there are too many sacrileges in the NO Mass. I would rather drive the 3.5 hours to St. Benedict Center to get to a Latin Mass.

I understand. our very traditional priest said in the old days the chutch law was you must attend if you were within 7 miles. He said with todays transportation, he guessed that to be now about 40 miles. He also suggested reading the mass from your latin mass missal and making a spiritual communion.

He said in most cases the N.O. is valid but illicit.
I won't attend an NO under any circumstances anymore. If there is no TLM available, I stay home and read the Missal. My spiritual director agrees that this is the best policy.

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