Women religious not complying with Vatican Study (no surprise)
(11-30-2009, 01:22 AM)Baskerville Wrote: "The first thing the offense is gonna wanna do is destroy the Mass then BOOM you got a new religion its just part of the Game."

You see when the priest says the mass is over, that means the mass is over, and this is said at the end of the mass.
The 'religious sisters' in my former  hometown did not even wear a lapel pin! Totally unrecognizeable in dress and behaviour expect that most dressed a little worse than other women.  My children have grown up not ever seeing a real live religious sister in a habit and the priests in our hometown mostly seemed allergic to their collars too.  In my new town of about 125,000 there is not even one religious sister.

But we need to keep these women in our prayers. They  have been perverted and yet theirs is still a great responsibility for they 'teach' in the name of the Church.  God only knows how many souls-=especially children= have been led astray by unfaithful religious. They will  have to answer to God for this.  Let us pray for conversions for them, that they may yet be a true light and not a distracting beacon.

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