Iota Unum?
In a word: Yes.

It's excellent. I know you're limited on time, I have only one and time is short, but maybe it will help to consider this part of your parental/spousal/Catholic duty.

We're not just supposed to raise kids; feed, bathe, clothe them, and have them go out and become apostates. The more you know, the more you can guide your children and help them navigate the perils of humanism, relativism, modernism, etc.

You should be able to spot these, discuss them, and refute their bases. Iota Unum will help.

I'm sure you're a fantastic parent, but it helps to consider that educating one's self in the faith is as important as earning money for feeding them.
Iota Unum is one of the best books I have read concerning the troubles of modern Catholicism.  It explains the "hows and whys" of the current situation.  One thing about this book is that it is rather scholarly, a bit of a tough read -- but WELL worth it.

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