The problem of 'diabolical disorientation' since Fatima
Long but good. Get some snacks ...
Read what the posters said. This was 2006 and it would appear that most of them had no idea. They are clueless. This is frightening, completely. I suspect it is no better today than then. And since very few except the trads and a handful of conservatives ( forgive this characterization ) speak of it, and listen, it falls to us to make up for the defecit. I am perplexed when people do not take this seriously and propose arguments to discount the message, and in effect minimize others attempts to popularize it. Remember no so long ago all of the arguments about Grunerites???  Who and what was that about??? Certainly it was not healthy debate!!! The message though not fully released has given us enough to go on and that is repent!!!

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