Oscar Wilde
I like the Ballad of Reading Gaol as a poem with the full Greek and Latin tradition (rhythm and rhyme)  in English


Lord Alfred Douglas indeed converted to Catholicism shortly after Wilde's death. He renounced his homosexuality, married, had a son, and after separating from his wife lived a celibate life, this is taken from his own account. He became quite religiously zealous and conservative, and wrote hostile speeches attacking Wilde, but later in life he softened his view about him and regretted the things he said. He died at age 74, having had a heart attack outside of church just after leaving Mass. There are conflicting accounts regarding his father, the Marquis of Queensberry. Some say he died an atheist, while I've read other claims that he had a deathbed conversion.

As for Wilde, his "deathbed conversion" was a long, long looooong time coming. It truly is a shame that the gays have chosen him as their "poster boy." I believe Wilde would hate that. I also recommend Joseph Pearce's book "The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde." It's a good character study, in my opinion.

- Lisa

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