Thomas E Woods Jr.
(12-11-2009, 05:18 PM)James02 Wrote: Point out the "lashing" part, I seem to miss that. 

It's the rhetorical questioning of Card. Ratzinger combined with the quotations around the terms employed by Tielhard. There is a "snarkiness" to them.    And I believe there was a problem understanding the "not the resurrection of the bodies" quote of Ratzinger. as a denial of the Resurrection of the Body.  If I recall, later it was demonstrated  to Dr. Woods that Ratzinger was pointing out that the Resurrection of the Body is not into a body with a fallen nature but one that has been restored in it's nature. 

As far as motivation goes,  a friend of mine attends St. Michael's SSPX chapel in New York.  Dr. Woods used to attend there frequently.  At the time of his first appearances on EWTN,  Dr. Woods told her that more than one person at EWTN privately thanked him for the Great Facade and said they agreed with the books arguments. 

There have been a good number of people that have gone through EWTN and have either great sympathy for traditional Catholicism or are actually trads.
(12-10-2009, 05:39 PM)James02 Wrote: Last I heard, he is still a Trad going to the TLM in Atlanta.

That is correct.  Tom assists at Mass at Saint Francis de Sales (a personal parish that uses the rites of 1962 exclusively, staffed by priests of the FSSP) in metro Atlanta whenever possible.  He and his wife and several small children drive for hours to get there, as he lives in the next state.
Interesting argument that Dr. Woods is taking his responsiblities as a father and spouse seriously enough that he is leery of the some the Ferrara/Remnant scene. Clearly didn't stop another Doctor from reducing himself and his wife and child into penury and near homlessness as the wandering troubadour of SedeVacantism and modern -day Donatism.  :pray:
Well the opinions expressed here seem to suggest that he is distancing himself from the book because he is more concerned about being part of the 'traditionalist' establishment and also, since Cardinal Ratzinger is now our Holy Father, his negative comments would cause him to be criticized by mainstream church people.

One wonders that if Cardinal Ratzinger was not pope, if he would have done the same thing?

I don't like this at all... but I guess its a small price to pay to earn your living and it is not my job to judge.

Though I STRONGLY disagree that Christopher Ferrara is a NUT JOB, as someone mentioned. I think he is extremely intelligent and a great writer. His books and articles are excellent, informative and entertaining. The traditional movement is blessed to have him on their side.

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