Lord Chancellor's Brother Converts to Islam.........
Well, don't forget that the Prince of Wales was reading the Quran and dresing in the manner clearly East of Greenwich after 9/11.
(12-13-2009, 08:42 PM)SoCalLocal Wrote:
(12-13-2009, 07:49 AM)alaric Wrote: Of course, reason being was to marry his Muslim girlfriend. God forbid she converted to Christianity, which it seems by the way, to be on it's way out in the UK.

What is it with these limey big-wigs and royals with their fascination with Mohamed and his ilk?
Ummm... How is somebody's brother a bigwig?

I sure hope I don't get judged by my brother's actions! He got married to a divorced woman with a grudge against The Church by a judge. He almost certainly voted for Obama. He thinks I'm a paranoid right-wing nut because I own a few guns.
Actually, the Lord Chancellor is not just "somebody" and by that connection alone, this guy is not you're average English "joe" or whatever.

Wasn't Lady Di hanging out with a Muslim son of a billionaire or something like that before she died?

I don't know, seems English upper class have a thing for middle easterners, maybe it's just me. But they are kissing Muslim butt over there like everywhere else in Western Europe these days. I don't know what it is about Anglo-Saxon and French and Dutch/Scandinavian countries sucking up to Muslims, but it's pathetic. They should learn a thing or two from the Italians or Eastern Orthodox who don't take no crap from Mohamed.

How could anyone with an avatar of Archie Bunker be considered a "right-wing nutjob". ;D
Islam is the biggest threat to civilization that exists, we need to get rid of it but all they do is clamour about these muslims "rights." A couple who owns a B&B have just been prosecuted for talking to a muslim about Islam! It makes me sick! I agree with DK, there WILL be a war.

Also, it's the Shadow Chancellor's brother, not the Lord Chancellor's.
where was the National Front when this was happening? they used to hold real power in England, but not anymore... mind you they were pretty socialist really so no loss there apart from another line of defence.
at least its England its happening to. Bearla punks.

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