Fr. Z sees red and does black deeds against Bishop Williamson
(12-16-2009, 10:52 AM)cgraye Wrote: That's not really fair.  He has always spoken well of the SSPX priests he knows and is often complimentary of Bishop Fellay,

That's in the effort to create the perception of a rift in the SSPX.  Prior to the lifting of the invalid excommunications, Bishop Fellay was treated somewhat fairly but Williamson always had the preface "Excommunicated Bishop Richard Williamson." 

Quote: and he has said many times how good the SSPX could be for the Church. 

His opinion is they might be good for the Church but they're not right about the Church. 

Quote:  He just doesn't think that the illicit consecrations were justified, nor does he believe in the "emergency powers" argument that the SSPX uses to justify its position. 

He doesn't believe in the crisis in the Church.  He also tried to ludicrously pass off the idea that JPII "laid the groundwork" for Pope Benedicts'  "Marshall Plan"  C'mon.  Pope Benedict still hasn't publicly acknowledged the true cause of the crisis and Fr.  Z tries to provide cover for the negligent Popes. 

Quote:  Aside from that, his problem is with Bishop Williamson, mainly on the grounds that the bishop is doing more harm than good by what he says.

And Fr. Z is willing to bend the truth, hide the facts and distort the words in order to stop bishop W. from "doing more harm" to Vatican II. 

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