Fr. Z sees red and does black deeds against Bishop Williamson
(12-16-2009, 02:20 PM)anthony Wrote: Fr. Z isn't the only traditionally minded Catholic who realizes that Bishop Williamson says some untrue, unhelpful, and ignorant things.

Now we move into the definition of what a "traditionally-minded" Catholic actually has in their mind.  I submit that Fr. Z is not a traditionalist.

Quote:There is no Newchurch,

Sure there is. 

Quote:  and Fr. Z has merely exposed +Williamson's shallow understanding of reality (and therefore an insufficient or superficial comprehension of the truth). His understand is shallow, if I understand him correctly.

What has Fr. Z actually "exposed" on Bishop Williamson?  Sounds more like Fr. Z doesnt' even know what Donatism is or what Bishop Williamson was stating.

Quote: The efforts of those who would set up this supposed Newchurch are nothing compared to the work of the Holy Spirit working through the elect.

Funny, those who set up the Newchurch are being defended by the hierarchy.  Could be the Holy Ghost was working through the Superior of the Holy Ghost fathers who was off in Africa doing mission work while the rest were being coopted by modernism. 

Quote:In the end we must answer to God.

We must answer to God for what we do now. 

Quote:  For now we answer to the Magisterium, and those who speak along with her voice - yesterday's AND today's.

The Magisterium is not God and it's not necessarily the current hierarchy if they don't invoke it.

Quote: Let's not pretend to be the John Calvins of the 21st Century Church, mixing legitimate concern and disagreement in with a skepticism about the powers of Holy Church that is tantamount to rejecting the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let's not become lax in an un-Catholic understanding of how the Church operates, and let's not underestimate the "sensus catholicus"

Quote: It is disgusting what I've read here. Disgusting. Insulting a good priest. He's caused a scandal to the Catholic world, but the dumb words of an illicitly consecrated bishop haven't?

That's the problem.  They keep calling the insightful and thoughtful words of Bishop W.  a series of insults as if that's a self-evident proof.

Quote: +Williamson, who has many virtues and insights (and is interested in sharing his thoughts on poetry, might I add!), needs a humility drip.

Based on what?  He's been unjustly punished by Popes and Superiors, he only writes columns for those who request it.  He didn't ask Fr. Z to make his pointless points. 

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