Fr. Z sees red and does black deeds against Bishop Williamson
(12-16-2009, 02:20 PM)anthony Wrote: ...Fr. Z isn't the only traditionally minded Catholic who realizes that Bishop Williamson says some untrue, unhelpful, and ignorant things. There is no Newchurch, and Fr. Z has merely exposed +Williamson's shallow understanding of reality (and therefore an insufficient or superficial comprehension of the truth). His understand is shallow, if I understand him correctly. The efforts of those who would set up this supposed Newchurch are nothing compared to the work of the Holy Spirit working through the elect.

In the end we must answer to God. For now we answer to the Magisterium, and those who speak along with her voice - yesterday's AND today's. Let's not pretend to be the John Calvins of the 21st Century Church, mixing legitimate concern and disagreement in with a skepticism about the powers of Holy Church that is tantamount to rejecting the power of the Holy Spirit.

It is disgusting what I've read here. Disgusting. Insulting a good priest. He's caused a scandal to the Catholic world, but the dumb words of an illicitly consecrated bishop haven't?...

Fr. Z is not a Catholic who realizes that XYZ....he is a Catholic that thinks that XYZ...(and I'm not so sure he really believes what he is saying...he has a major dog in the fight...his own ordination I suspect, he is worried about being suspect...and he should worry about it...That said...if it can't be proven to be invalid it is given the benefit of the doubt....just the same he should err on the side of certainty and run off and ask +Williamson to conditionally reordain him...LOL

The idea that +Williamsom has a shallow understanding is self serving at best...I disagree with some personal opinion pieces he gives...especially as regards mores and etiquette...but he is never a shallow adversary...and were I to heed his advice on topics I don't see eye to eye with him on...I might actually find my way in this world more easily...certainly not any less pleasantly.

The idea of a newchurch has been around for a is fairly solid despite complaint about it.  I trests mostly on Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi but it is not silly and is a perfectly plausible fact one could claim, as many do, that we get to see it daily...certainly were you to frequent so called Catholic Churches that teach must be so...New belief system to go with new prayer system

Fr. Z can't expose +Williamsom...he does not have the skill set....this was apparent in this latest post where he attempts to change the bishops views of the new rite of ordination for his own (Fr, Zs) purposes...This was EXPOSED by the OP

The only Calvins are the Modernists...who +Williamson is fighting...and too bad if you think folks calling Fr. Z out on something like altering +Williamson's views for his own purposes is disgusting....the truth hurt at times...especially for the invested. one here but modernists thinks the Holy GHOST is not performing his task with full power....trads see, all the trad groups and know that no matter what happens....we win

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