Fr. Z sees red and does black deeds against Bishop Williamson
(12-16-2009, 10:21 PM)Anastasia Wrote: Now, that said, many of the comments made here are trivial and silly. If you don't happen to like bird watching, that's one of a thousand hobbies you are not required to enjoy. But some do. I don't happen to like it either, but that's my own personal taste an not something I will condemn others for liking. He likes great food, coffee, and wine? Are we not allowed to like those things anymore? Did I miss the part where we all became Puritan? If you happen to find it conducive to temptations of gluttony, then gee: don't click the link to his site!

Some of the criticisms about Fr. Z's bird watching were too much, and exaggerated. There is nothing wrong with it. It is a harmless hobby. Considering what Homo priests and bishops are doing with their time nowadays in comparison. I actually think it is kind of cute(I can't find a better word), since I am an animal lover myself. There is nothing wrong with Catholics enjoying good food, wine, or coffee. We are not Puritans. Priests can enjoy these things too.
However, I think that posters felt he spent TOO much time blogging about it and with too many unnecessary pictures and photos. Things are meant to be enjoyed in moderation and private.

Also asking people to actually buy him coffee is just too much. Scandalous and shameful. He is a priest and good standing who shouldn't be asking for such trivial things. A priest should have his priestly dignity.

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