Fr. Z sees red and does black deeds against Bishop Williamson
(12-16-2009, 11:44 PM)anthony Wrote: There are many trads who have a ****ed up view of the Church, doctrine, and who, as products of their age, have minds that are unhinged, off the rails, sick.
In my experience it is Trads who understand Church doctrine the best. They have studied it more thoroughly than anyone else. That is why they are so confident of the truth.
Trads are a product of their age? One of the  most absurd backwards things I have heard. It is exactly everyone else besides Trads, who are a products of their age. It is 98% of the world who are not religious at all, that are products of their age. It is many "conservative" Catholics who hold the faith on Sunday, but a product of popular culture the rest of the time. These same people follow every new theology that some paperback theologians come up with every decade or so. Not to mention that others paint Trads as culturally backwards because they hold to modest dress, manners, and the fashions of the "old" world.

Trads  have minds that are unhinged, off the rails, sick.? Are you living on planet Earth? Go outside and meet the world. Walk around a bit on the street, watch TV, and then you will see who is really sick and has an unhinged mind.

(12-16-2009, 11:44 PM)anthony Wrote: But who can be? No, really, I mean it? There is so much uncertainty. The only certainty is to cling to Holy Mother Church the best one knows how..
There is no uncertainty when it comes to the Catholic faith. The faith is eternal, timeless, and never ever changes. God has given every human being the opportunity to learn the faith. Holy Mother  Church guides and protects the faith. However, there is the Church, and then there are the individuals of the Church. The individuals of the Church(clergy, hierarchy) can loose their way and fall into error. A Catholic then sticks with the eternal faith of the centuries. Hierarchies in the Church have fallen many times in the history of the Church. It happens every couple of centuries.

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