Fr. Z sees red and does black deeds against Bishop Williamson
My point, Kakhur, was that Baskerville (and others here and at other times) seemed offended by anyone doubting +Williamson on anything... I know he has a personality cult going (as do many others, including Fr. Z as I am now discovering) and was warning against it as a matter of principle. 

While I like and agree with Williamson in some respects, and have a great admiration for his determination and spine, I always thought he mixed Faith and his personal opinion a little too much in a way that tended to make opinion look like dogma in some people's eyes.  No distinction was made that he was talking about the bishop's writings on Faith only.  Maybe that was implied by the whole nature of the thread, and the particular writing of his that started all this.  If that was the case, I apologize.

It just seemed that this whole thread was turning into (or judging by the title, which was amusing but less than kind, maybe started out as) a big Williamson cult get together, angrily ripping on some priest who read something he wrote and called him out on some potential trouble spots.  Going just off what was written in this one letter, father's comments did not seem all that out of place.  Fr. Z obviously disagrees with the SSPX, and thus he's not a member, but I don't hold that against him.

It also seemed that no one else here would ever call anyone out on it.

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