Fr. Z sees red and does black deeds against Bishop Williamson
(12-18-2009, 02:47 PM)Meg Wrote: Augstine Baker wrote:

"If more bishops stood up for the faith like Bishop Williamson, I'll bet all of those problems we're facing now would be considerably less important......."

I agree with what you wrote here, and though I'm going off topic here,  I'd like to point out that it's not always the Catholic faith that Bp. Williamson stands up for. And for me, that's a huge problem. It's been a problem for the SSPX, too. That other thing that he stands up for is Revisionism, which is more ecumenical than specifically Catholic. It's an ecumenical movement. He spends time with non-Catholics in this endeavor. And some of these non-Catholics are certifiable nutbars. IMO.

His issues with revisionism touch on a problem which does indeed involve the Church and it's the problem with relativism.  As long as people are going to rule these discussions by raw emotionalism and hollywood versions of reality, the Church and souls are in danger, because that's what the Church is; the Church is real and true.

If we're going to judge the truth according to people's emotional responses to things, I can think of no other course we could be on than to Hell itself.


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