The Church and Child abuse in Canada film "Unrepentant"
Unfortunately, child abuse in church institutions date back long before the second Vatican Council. It would be nice to say that it all started with the modernists.
It would be better still if it never happened at all but we have to deal with truth and the ugly truth is that Catholic orphanages  have often been places of physical and sexual child abuse.

At the moment we are hearing about the abuse in Ireland which is more recent.

In Canada I can point to two specific cases that go back well before the council. The first case is described in the award winning documentary linked below.
Although it mostly deals with the United church its pretty obvious that the Catholic church has been involved in abusing natives as well.
The United church minister who  made the documentary was expelled fromthe church when he started exposing the history of abuse. His wife left him as well.
Still, he doesn't seem to have lost his faith.

The other high profile case in Canada would be the Duplessis Orphans who were abused and subjected to child abuse while in Catholic institutions during the 40s and 50s.
Abusing natives? Interesting I never heard the races of the abused kids in the states or elseware.
If you hit an Indian with a ruler in a classroom it's child abuse.  When the Indian eats his neighbour, it's culture. 
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I wonder how someone can read about child sex abuse on children who were taken from their parents and make a racist joke.
There was no racist joke. Who r u the pc thought police or human rights tribunal puppit?
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(12-18-2009, 07:28 PM)artificial person Wrote: Liar

I wouldn't trust your judgment.  For example, how can you not see that the "documentary" you posted is anti-Catholic, libtard anarchist propoganda, and crappily made too?

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