Do all "Traditionists" renounce V2?
(04-05-2010, 02:01 PM)WoundedHealer Wrote: I'd rather die inviolate than live raped.  There's a strong Catholic tradition behind that.  Like St. Lucia.

I hear you. and I agree.

It is also a simple fact (got this from a friend in law enforcement) that fighters more often survive a rape attempt than co-operators, both in the possibility  of discouraging the attacker and even if the attacker succeeds, the fighters are many times more likely to preserve or recover their mental health after the trauma is dealt with. 

Always teach your daughters to fight. Enroll little girls in martial arts classes and they will have a strong foundation from which to instinctively respond to attackers for the rest of their lives.  It is not hard to locate good coaches who respect Christian beliefs while teaching the basics of self-defense.;
well you teach them how to fight, the proper ways to strike and where to go for, though a shot to the kahonies is not always enough to dissuade so you have to keep going in proper fashion for the eyes or the neck.

Its a fathers rite and his job to teach defence,as well as leadership in certain matters, as it was the guys that taught religion to the young in the time of Jesus in the middle east.

I saw high mass sunday its full of beauty and shows lots of Symbols to show the importance of the occasion of holy Easter.

signed Jeremy L keeper of history of The Churches of Fort Wayne

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