Pope attacked at Midnight Mass
(12-28-2009, 10:47 PM)cgraye Wrote: That's weird, I was thinking the opposite.  From what I could see it looks like the lady jumped over the barrier and was intercepted almost immediately, before she could even get to the pope.  I couldn't even see why he went down, though I guess she must have gotten to him somehow.

She appeared to get a hold of his vestments, ( although it's not very clear ) and when she was taken down, she managed to make the Pope lose his balance, thereby causing him to fall.  Even though it looked like the guard's response was immediate, he was too far away to be effective, and let the threat get too close.
From what I understand, Msgr. Marini grabbed the Pope[sup]TM[/sup]'s chasuble to slow his fall.
God knows how to arrive at a good outcome starting from  bad event. The idea of the Sedia Gestatoria is again coming back, for the security of the pope and for rendering him more visible to the crowd:

Source: http://the-hermeneutic-of-continuity.blo...eback.html
Good idea, bring it back!
I don't see that coming back anytime soon. Most bishops and cardinals are too worried about being labelled Papists.  Humility is important but you lose the entire message when people forget that it's the most sacred, dignified, and powerful human title.

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