Holocaustianity believers up in arms as Pius XII moves closer to sainthood
(12-26-2009, 11:15 AM)timoose Wrote: I dunno, but  to me it seems that most don't know the truth about Pius XII. Rabbi Zoller and Pincheas a Jewish writer/historian wrote books about him and both said he saved the most Jews in WWII. The figured between 750,000 and 1,000,000 people that did not die horribly.Golda Meir, and Simon Wiesenthal eulogised him publicly, but they are dead now, so they are forgotten. You've all heard the coined phrase "the John Paul II generation" which is used to co-note his very long Papacy, we'll I'm a Pius XII generation kid and I hope God allows him a miracle like saving Abe Foxman's life.

you and me both, tim.  i remember his death and all the mourning so well.  i'm sure you remember that he died the same year as that horrible fire in which so many children were killed at Our Lady Queen of Angels school in chicago.  the same school year, i mean, i was in sixth grade, think you were, too.  those two events each got a lot of coverage on national news, which back then was only 30 minutes each evening on each of the three networks. 

also, before Pius XII's death, red skelton's son was dying of leukemia and requested a blessed item from the pope.  the pope sent it but the boy died before it arrived.  that was a national news story then, too, reported on evening news. i had to watch the news every night because we discussed it in current events the next day.  shows you how Catholics were respected in 1958-59. 

cheers for the Pius XII generation!

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And here was me thinking that Pius XII saved thousands of Jews...guess the Jewish folk wanted him to personally kill Hitler as well...
(12-27-2009, 03:55 PM)Foligno Wrote:
Quote:Rabbi Rosen, who will be involved in that dialogue, said: "Obviously, as much as Pope Benedict is committed to Jewish-Catholic dialogue, we are not the number one priority on his agenda."

I'm sure he's only half serious with this comment, but given his reaction the above complaint is probably what really has him all upset.  "We have piped to you, and you have not danced: we have lamented, and you have not mourned."

P.S. Hi everybody, this is my first post.   Hi!

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What it is is gult. The jews need some one to blame and they blame pius XII because unloke their own rabbis who led them off without a fight and when they did fonnaly fight it was little to late ie warsaw ghetto uprising. So they see the leader of the cathpolic church who saved thousands of them yet their rabboi and they themselves were in cahoots with the nazis so they hate him and they hate it that unliolkl they themselves he had courage to risist.
Kinda oin a weird way why fat lassies despise the good lookin ones. Its really jealousy. Here its jewish jealousy at a leader which shows them how empty and how evil theirs were. Its gult because thpugh 6 millipon weren't gassed a few hundred thousand were killed.
They will blame anyone but themselves
Its classic really

a lot o' lads despise good-looking lassies, too.  i think it's jealousy because they don't think a pretty lass will go out with ordinary lads like them.  lads, ask 'em out!  they can only say no and they're not all looking in real life for brad pitt or whoever they think is hot in movies, but for a good lad.  besides that, the good-looking lads often want to date a lass who isn't as pretty as they are.  'struth.  so unless you look worse than frankenstein's monster, don't be shy. 

but about those rabbis, DK. . .  is that true that rabbis and Jews were in cahoots with the nazis?  i never heard that before.  where did you get the info?

it's all bollocks about Pius XII "doing nothing," of course.  historical revisionism.

O yes rabbis colaberated and the jews had their own police force doing the dirty work. I can't remember what they were called
Biut the jews npo obviously despise them.
The lm is the jews didn't fire a shot or risist untilk to late. Really it was organized. Think about it. Their leaders were in on it
It has suited them well ever since.
A good myth a good ayout their own state
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