Are things getting better or worse in the Church?
To be honest I just cant tell. Last night I was forced to go to a NO Midnight Mass but it was done very reverently. Do you think its true that the younger Priests are more reverent and that once the dissidents die out things will get better or is that just wishful thinking. I just dont know this has had me pretty deppressed today. Are we at the breaking point is the Church so far gone now with modernism that it wont be fixed. Part of me thinks that it is just a sinking ship and its time to get off. Going to Mass last night we drove by my old Russian Orthodox Church and part of me wanted to go back there where the liturgy isnt a shambles and the hierachy arent fruity apostates. I mean I look around me and I see things going to hell in a hand basket. Yes the Mass was NO last night and to be honest it wasnt bad for NO but it was the more traditional Priest if it had been father Fruity it would have been him praying for forgivness for the Churches treatment of women and homosexuals. I just dont know Prayers and conversation on this issue would be appreciated. Part of what I am worried about is what happens when Pope Benedict dies. Yes he has faults but I think he is the last hope for trads I pray I am wrong but I would be willing to bet any odds that the next Pope will be a JPIII wannabe or worse start ordaining women and such. ugh.

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