Are things getting better or worse in the Church?
(12-28-2009, 07:01 PM)Gerard Wrote:
(12-27-2009, 02:45 AM)DrBombay Wrote: Really?  Every bishop in the world applying pressure?  Catholics pouring into LA to defend the papacy against the Cardinal?  Really?  You think that's what would happen?

Hmmm....then I guess the crisis isn't quite as bad as you think it is, now is it? 

No, it is not.  Thank you, and good night.  :tiphat:

Yes. There is a severe crisis and political machinations and swaying public opinion would be part of it.   What do you think the reason is why the heretic bishops haven't left already?  They want to do their damage from within.  If the Pope were to push back against Mahony, the liberals would tell the Cardinal to cave in.  They would not want an actual purge to start occurring.    They have always known that one on one, or massed as a group, the bishops are no match for the papacy. 

They also know where the power to do the damage resides. They discovered that once Archbishop LeFebvre was invalidly excommunicated and didn't fade away, that they had a problem.  They expected him to die out.   He didn't.  And they couldn't really get to him as easily as they were able to before.  One of the most providential injustices against LeFebvre was the excommunications. Which just goes to show you how God writes straight with crooked lines. 

Mahony has been doing incalculable damage to the Church and souls for decades precisely because he finds ways to "play within the rules."   It's a classic following the letter of the law and ignoring its spirit.  If Mahony were to stop that in some mad powerplay to topple the papacy, the rest of the liberals would cut him off completely and leave him to hang.  There is no honor amongst thieves. 

Do you think Mahony wants to imitate the hard work and devotion of Archbishop LeFebvre?  Do you think Mahony would be blessed by God for his true disobedience in the same way Archbishop LeFebvre was for his refusal to give false obedience?  No.  Mahony and any followers he could gather around him would be dried up and whithered away in a very short time.   And the damage to the Church would be that much lessened.

As far as the laeity goes, what Traditionalist wouldn't want Mahony to go?  What conservative wouldn't want Mahony to go?  The Trads would want him to go because of everything he is and stands for and believes in.  The conservatives would want him to go because the Pope wants him to go.   Ignorant liberal Catholics would want him to go because it would look to them like a real schism in the Catholic Church instead of a cutting off of dead wood from the tree.  Mahony claims to be Catholic, he would not get as much sympathy in the media because of his liberalism, the anti-Catholicism would override any real support for him.  His allies outside the Church would not even recognize him as an ally. 

I would love for Mahony to push the Pope into that kind of confrontation.   The restoration of the Church would come about that much quicker. 

Well said.

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