What will a Marxist America look like?
China is now the worlds second largest economy and many new innovations are starting to come from there. But is China still communist? Most communists don't think so. Regardless, modern China is one result of the 'errors' which came from Russia - when will she be humbled?? It's frustrating to see evil seemingly defeat good!
The most frightening problem with the Marxism is that their (actual, as it is opposed to in theory) definition of the truth: Truth (and also good and beauty is one which server the interest of the 'working people' defined by the leaders of the Party. This was encoded into the Constitution of the Soviet Union and several Eastern countries in 1974. 

What is the mustard of the truth for a traditional Catholic?

Not the tradition itself, because that was based on the binding and loosing power of the living Magisterium

Not the conscience, as it is, claiming the only the Truth (so something preceding the conscience) has rights (which is absurd, because only a person has rights, and the truth is person only in God, below Him it is only value, to be realized by people with limited access to God's fullness)

Some times I have a feeling that the supposed common interest of the traditionalist group is the decisive factor, and this is so strong that many trads feel that it is enough to declare that anyone who thinks otherwise is imbecile, heretic, modernist, nothard, etc.  and any further argument is unnecessary ; just as for many Marxists it was satisfactory to declare that this and that was told by Comrad Stalin (later Lenin) and the case closed.
China is a very old socity though and has many very old bits of wisdom, and many contributions to the world, but they can not sustain growth booming like that forever and the quality of their products has to improve I see many people talk about the inferior quality of which many of the goods are produced, and eventuly that will have to improve or they will loose out, also the chinese government treats their own people like idiots and animals thinking that they cant decide for themselves on government with such statments like, democracy is not right for china, or maybe one day but not now will we be a democracy. as if the socity itself cant decide what it wants because its too" immature.
The Chinese don't care if they can't elect their own government, just as long as the government keeps the ruling wealthy rich ...
O of course thats always how it works, even in our own contry the usa a small minority hold most of the wealth, its nothing but ran by big buisness this contry has been for years

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