St Philomena
Is she still venerated? And what exactly are the 'problems' surrounding this saint and the revelations attached to her? She was mentioned (negatively) in conversation by a lapsed friend, and I want to know more.
good topic, she is the Saint I pray to the most.

Ive heard that she was removed from the calendar.

Probably more N.O rubbish
She's not a saint I pray to often, but my grandmother had a relic of hers that she was always trying to get me to take into exams (we used to be allowed to do this, but now you're not allowed anything except pens). I never really explored her history.
In the beginning of the 19th Century a body of a yound women found in a catacombe, with the tiles close to her body with the inscript Philomena. Veneration started during the 19th Century her veneration was approved by the Church. Here name is not in the 1908 Bute Martyrology, but it is in the 1956 edition of the Roman Martyrology. We know nothing about her life, some people suppose, that the tiles are 2nd Century but the body 4th Century. On the time on the revised Martyrology, when she was left out,  the most common opinion was the the Philu mena is two words, and means something that 'have good memory'. (I am not sure).  She was removed due to the dubious existence,  for some people the historical truth is important.

In Hungary in the fifties there was a Church named after her, and in many Churches there were statutes or images. I myself had for long time a beautiful print of her made by a famous Hungarian artist

St. Philomena! My patron saint and confirmation name! :) She came late on the scene ("late" for an early martyr) when in 1802 her relics were discovered in the catacomb of St. Priscilla. There is nothing known about her life, only that miracles occurred at her tomb. St. John Marie Vianney was very devoted to her, and later Pope Leo XIII granted permission for the erection of shrines and churches in her honor. Her relics are now preserved in Mugnano, Italy.

Her feast of August 11th was never on the universal calendar, but it was removed from even the local calendar after 1961 due to problems of authenticity raised by so-called "scholars". You can look up the "problems" on Wikipedia but it's a waste of time IMO. I know EWTN promotes her devotion (I've got the litany, rosary, cord of St. Philomena, and a music tape by Simonetta). In fact, at our church supply store we have statues and prayer cards of St. Philomena. So I don't think she's a "problem" in private devotion, but, like Sts Christopher and Barbara (also hugely popular at our store) there is no liturgical or public recognition of the feast.

- Lisa

All you need to know is that St John Vianney attributed most of his sucess to her intercession.
And a holier priest would be hard to find. You know he is the patron saint of priests. Yes, pray for
her intercession.
St. John Vianney attributed most of his miracles to her intercession. She is a great saint. If you want to know how to refute the shoddy bad-faith scholarship that called into question her historical existence, download these talks:
keep praying to her, there are too many positive experiences attributed to her intercession to doubt her existence.  many "scholars" have educated themselves into imbecility. 
The Living Rosary Association gets all sorts of letters from people who attribute cures and other graces to the intercession of St. Philomena. Go to for more information.

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