Do you guys think Santa Claus is a good ambassador for Christ-Mass?
I like the Catholic-European Santa Claus: A real Saint known for helping the poor combined with a prior pagan custom of gift-giving on a special winter's day.

But during the Reformation, especially in Calvinist areas, Santa Claus began to take on a different aspect, representing what I believe to be a very warped Calvinistic concept of good behavior=material blessings. We know the three most heavily influenced countries by Calvinism were Britain, Netherlands and America, and modern Santa was most famous in all three, but nowhere is the modern Santa Claus more popular than in Puritan America. 

Do you think today's Santa Claus is an example of:
1. A modern Calvinistic concept: good behavior=material blessings
2. Crass materialism
3. A fun reminder of simpler times when people still believed in magic
4. A good ambassador for Jesus's most famous day and essentially Christian

I think I see all four in him.

Modern "Santaclausism" is a corruption of Christmas.
I'm with you that it is all four to some degree.  If we focus on the latter two, I think Santa can be good.  But society sometimes lean too hard on the first two or three... never the last one.
"It is said after St. Nicholas Day, the Saint comes down from Heaven's Palace and goes to work throughout advent at his parish village on the Top of the World. Why would a saint need to work? For the Good Lord, for he is preparing for Christmastide."

This is how I will tell the tale to my children if and when I have any. I have the whole thing worked out in my head but I should really write it out sometime.

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