Saints: Who do you like and how do you relate?
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My patron, St. Sebastian is basically a member of the family. He's the patron and often the namesake of most people in my family going way back to the old country (for example, my grandfather's name was Sebastian and his parents were Sebastiano and Sebastiana). The town in Sicily where they were from had a great devotion to him, and many from that town moved to one particular town in the US where to this day there is a large St. Sebastian festa and procession down mainstreet with the statue carried by the nuri and people pinning money to it, the relics, bishops, and all the trappings. It's pretty amazing. He also fit well with me as I was a varsity athlete through college.

Bl. Pius IX had an impact on me when I was coming to know the faith better. His rather brash approach to the fact that the truth is what it is regardless of whether anyone believes it or not caused some rays of light to penetrate the fog and gave me a bit of an "ah-ha!" moment. Since then, he's always been important to me, almost in a grandfatherly way. I seem to always receive some special blessings on his feast day  :)

I try and be a spiritual son to St. Catherine of Sienna. Reading the Dialogue (the long unabridged version) was very pivotal and life changing for me. It came after I had received the truth pretty thoroughly but it showed me how to truly burn with charity, hope, and humility, especially in a world that often seems mired in so many problems. I think I could have very easily fallen into a state of bitterness, self-righteousness, and contempt and even maybe cut myself off from the Church were it not for her and her great love and the fruits God brought forth through her.

St. Robert Bellarmine had a similar effect. Most admire him for his theological works and defense of the faith (and rightly so), but I found myself most impressed with his humility and charity throughout his entire life. One of my favorite quotes, that I always need to remember, comes from his work The Mind's Ascent to God by a Ladder of Created Things: "Let prayer delight thee more than disputations, and the charity which buildeth up, more than the knowledge which puffeth up." Coming from a man known for his disputations and knowledge, that means a lot.
Thank you everyone for participating in this thread. Now as I go along looking for more Saints to contemplate, I have some wonderful directions.  I didn't know much about the Carthusians, and need to get to know them, I think. Also, Bernadette: I remember a little of her story of course (what young Catholic girl does not hear of Ste. Bernadette?) but I need to re-aquaint myself with her.

How many more Saints are there? Probably lots. And in today's troubled times, there are more in the making.

I think we need to look to the martyred saints for examples for today, unfortunately.

Right now I am working on my prayer corner.  I got away from having statues during my wandering years, of course. I am getting a very nice Madonna first, to replace the painting I now use, but next will be a statue of Ste Therese and some miniature roses to grow around it. I think I will place the Ste Therese in a corner with my plants that I can see from my favorite chair.

Do any of you keep a statue of your favorite saint? Is it part of your prayer-corner or do you just have it somewhere to remind you of him or her? Do you light candles to your saints?
(01-12-2010, 12:37 PM)littlerose Wrote: I didn't know much about the Carthusians, and need to get to know them, I think.

A great deal of  Saints have been attracted to them, even though God had other plans for many of them. I can think of a couple examples off the top of my head, but there are many more. St. Thomas More planned to enter the Charterhouse, but circumstances did not allow it. Similarly, St. Anthony Mary Claret planned to enter, but health problems prevented him.  :)
Here is a list of today's saints. The only one I have heard of is St John of Ravenna. I took this list from Catholic Online at

St. Tatiana
St. Arcadius
St. Caesaria
St. Martina
St. Anthony Mary Pucci
St. Bartholomew Alvarez
St. Victorian of Asan
Bl. Vincent de Cunha
St. Zoticus
St. Zoticus
St. Tatiana
St. Tigrius & Eutropius
St. Salvius
St. Satyrus
Ephesus Martyrs
Bl. John Gaspard Cratz
St. John of Ravenna
St. Martin of Leon
Martyrs of Ephesus
My favorites have already been mentioned - but here goes:

St Teresa of Avila (My patron saint)
St Therese
St Frances de Sales
St Bernadette
St Joseph
St Patrick

I love the Carmelite saints (my birthday is the feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel).  If I could find an order that combined the spirituality of the Carmelites and St Frances De Sales, I'd be there yesterday... .
(12-30-2009, 09:54 PM)NonSumDignus Wrote: Our Blessed Mother and Good St. Joseph, of course, but outside of that my favorite male saint is John the Evangelist, and favorite female saint is Joan of Arc
Add for me St Mike and that settles it

The Blessed Virgin because I cant explain it but I totally adore her.
St Joseph because hes a working stiff who knows construction and father hood and the perils thereof
St Mike because he totally dominates the evil one
St Johns Gospel totally lifts me out of this wicked world
and the "maiden" Joan because I can relate to being misunderstood

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