Movable Masses in Some Places
Does anyone know where I can find English translations for the propers from these Movable Masses in Some Places:

    * The Prayer of Christ (Tuesday after Septuagesima)
    * Commemoration of the Passion of Christ (Tuesday after Sexagesima) [outside link]
    * The Sacred Crown of Thorns (Friday after Ash Wednesday)
    * The Sacred Lance and Nails (Friday after the First Sunday in Lent)
    * The Holy Shroud (Friday after the Second Sunday in Lent)
    * The Five Holy Wounds (Friday after the Third Sunday in Lent)
    * The Precious Blood (Friday after the Fourth Sunday in Lent)
    * Our Lady Queen of the Apostles (Saturday after the Ascension)
    * The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus (Thursday the Sacred Heart)
    * The Immaculate Heart of Mary (Saturday after the Octave of the Sacred Heart of Jesus)
    * Our Lady Mother of Mercy (Saturday after the 4th Sunday of July)
    * Our Lady of Consolation (Saturday after the Feast of St. Augustine)
    * Our Lady Help of the Sick (Saturday after the last Sunday in August)
    * Our Lady Mother of Divine Providence (Saturday after the 3rd Sunday in November)

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