i went to a tlm today...
(01-12-2010, 10:25 AM)Melkite Wrote: Look, I already said I did a bad job of explaining what I meant.  I was explaining it from a Byzantine perspective.  But I also clarified that I absolutely am not accusing the Latins of profaning the Eucharist in their form of adoration.  You're worshipping the one true God; that can never be profane.  Our understanding, though, is that the sacredness lies in the mystery.   Maybe it's not so much a necessity for us that our adoration be veiled as it just is helpful because it leaves a more profound recognition in our minds of just how sacred it is.  So, from our perspective, a Eucharistic procession, even if there is nothing objectively wrong with it, subjectively for us, can seem to be a profanation because you are obviously taking something of great sanctity and unveiling it.  But, to clarify, any Byzantine who would take that subjective perception and turn it into an objective accusation of profanity would be completely wrong in doing so.  Even in holding the mere thought.  Are we good now?

Yes.  What I wanted to hear/read was what you just wrote and what I bolded for clarity.  Thanks.

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