No Solemnity in California
(01-03-2010, 07:58 PM)StrictCatholicGirl Wrote: [quote='i.p.i.' pid='496713' dateline='1262560915']

Well, I did say most everybody. I'm in no way a legalist. I know some people have to work.

lisa, i thought you said everybody had january 1 off from work, but maybe it was someone else.  following the chain of quotes gets confusing sometimes.  it doesn't really matter who said it, or who said

"Why ???? everyone works. There is enough Mass times so everyone has chance to attend. If its an obligation you should attend. everyone has an excuse."

i was addressing those statements, whoever said them.  (btw, i used red in part of what i wrote just to separate it from the quotes, not because i was angry or anything like that.) 

some people who have always lived where there are many Catholics, and also many Catholic churches,  and thus many holy day Masses, and where Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are public holidays, probably don't realize it's not that way throughout the country.  how would they know if they'd never experienced it? 

as a military brat, i always knew a lot of Catholics, was accustomed to there being multiple parishes and parochial schools everywhere we lived.  there are always a lot of Catholics in the military to supplement the local Catholic population.  i'm not sure that i realized it wasn't like that everywhere until i was grown and no longer connected to the military, no longer living in military towns.  i'd lived a lot of places but none without a large Catholic presence.


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