Squatters rack up costs for Boston archdiocese
Quote from the original link posted:
The town of Scituate has slapped the Archdiocese with a bill for nearly $150,000 in back taxes. To the town's way of thinking, the Archdiocese no longer considers St. Frances Church a holy sanctuary. Therefore, the building should no longer be exempt from local property taxes.

Way to go, squatters!

I fully agree with Iuvanalis about the premeditation. material for five other threads in that one.

Put it this way: the honoroable and cheap way out for the Church would have been to tell the offending priests that they could not be absolved of mortal sin without doing the penance of turning themselves over to civil criminal autorities.

This would have preserved the integrity of hte Confessional while allowing the sinners to suffer consequences and make reparations to the victims of those sins.

It also would have avoided the expensive settlements, since the victims for the most part wanted justice more than monmey. But someone else had to be protected,m and that someone was not the Church. That someone was the porn industry that is as big and real as the computer industry and possibly some of them rival Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in wealth.

They had to be protected from exposure.

Go into the FBI-Mafia history 1970-1999 and see what you come up with.
(01-03-2010, 03:04 PM)glgas Wrote: http://www.sphere.com/nation/article/pas...webmaildl1

apparently non Catholics are more generous. They donate instead of criticize. You can learn from them.

Yes, hucksters and scam artists are always a good example to follow.  ::)

Never criticize; the motto of Novus Ordo Catholicism.
Yes its rather like being told to jump out a plane. When u politely bring up the fact there are no shutes ur told
To OBEY! Then u politely protest yet the only thing ur. Told is OBEY!!
Right gigas
OBEY!!!! Nice ring to it.
(01-03-2010, 12:29 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: Its an attack on mutiple fronts from within and without.
I think first satan had a very big role to play in these pedo priests and the scandels I mean direct roll. Perfect demonic possesion of some of  these priests certainly. A fifth collumn who's deads would be a perfect weapon at a perfect time. After satan himself blew into the church after she was in full dissary from Vpooo. The timing was perfect.. Then the coverups an indirect roll here playing more on fears and weakness knowing the pope would rather gather pagans and heretics at assisi and desecret with sacrelege the church by organixing such a horrid gathering. or  busy kissing korans or shakin his booty at world youth days. In short a complete failure and catastrophe of a leader.such was jpii the small. Satan could of not asked for much more.  then the attack from withoout
Organized for loot playing on peoples need for justice and rightly so revenge but the main principle being loot.the secondary result a backlash within the public demoralization with very limited access to a catholic mass to anchor them for the NO being a prod bastard mass is only poison catholics even more so fall away. These attacks orgainized by the enemy of the church knowing if they cannot attack her with the state religusly then they will with the bank account. And public oppinion.
No worries lad. This is the calm before the storm
Sip sip sip

less "sip sip sip" and more facts please.
Dk pinter what of me post do u deny? With the exceptipon of my suggestion of perfect demonic possesion which can't be proved all else are facts.
Or do u deny vpooo was a catastrophe? Or do u deny there was no cover ups of pedo priests? Or do u deny jpii the small was a catastrophe as a leader? Or do u deny laywers aren't after loot? Or doi u deny this hasn't resulted in a backlash and demoralization?
Come now doc ur smarter then that
Aren't u?
Yes facts now wwhich do u deny?

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