Epiphany moved to Jan 3?
Am I ok with going to the DL for the Theophany/Epiphany, if I didn't make it to the Novus Ordo Epiphany?
I hope so because the only place I can find Epiphany tomorrow in my diocese is a Ukranian Catholic Church.  I plan on going.  The local SSPX chapel is only a mission and doesnot have a resident priest. :(    Someday I hope to have access to more of the Taditional mass than Sundays and Holy days.  The nearest FSSP parishes are 3 hours away.
(01-05-2010, 11:29 PM)Ravenonthecross Wrote: Am I ok with going to the DL for the Theophany/Epiphany, if I didn't make it to the Novus Ordo Epiphany?

The "Novus Ordo Epiphany", as you put it, was last Sunday, so you probably did go.  Besides, Epiphany is not a Holyday of Obligation for Roman Catholics in America, although it is for Byzantine Catholics.
The sequence was that first it was removed as Holy Day of obligation, than due to the importance the celebration of the feast was set to the closest Sunday.

Three Holy Days of obligation in a two week period was too much. I belive the decision to remove New Years day as Holy day of Obligation was better, but this decision belongs to the national conferences of the bishops. Probably the reason for the USCCB was that New Years day is civil holiday too.

Otherwise traditionally today three mysteries were celebrated

- the manifestation of the Son of God to the Magi as representatives of the gentiles

- the manifestation of Christ by John the Baptis, when Jesus went to him to be baptized

- the manifestation of Jesus supernatural power in Cana, where He made His first miracle

Here the antiphon for the Benedictus from the office:

Hodie * caelesti sponso juncta est Ecclesia, quoniam in Jordane lavit Christus ejus crimina: currunt cum muneribus Magi ad regales nuptias, et ex aqua facto vino laetantur convivae, alleluia.

This day * is the Church joined unto the Heavenly Bridegroom, since Christ hath washed away her sins in Jordan; the wise men hasten with gifts to the marriage supper of the King; and they that sit at meat together make merry with water turned into wine. Alleluia.

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