Fr. Mitch Pacwa & DiBari/DiNozzi V. Bedford
(01-04-2010, 10:20 PM)mamalove Wrote: I have met Fr Pacwa at a Catholic homeschooling conference.  He gave a great couple of talks.  He has a good book out about the new age movement and its dangers.
I could not open the last document, is that the one mentioning father?  I didnt see him mentioned on the first 3 links.
What a creepy thing to do at school.  Reason #2, 546 not to send the children to public school.

That last link is about the school case. It is my understanding that Fr. Pacwa was an expert witness in that case presenting material proving that the school and all the teachers involved had premeditated an assault on children's family religion ( in this case, Catholic) and that this was central to the Court's decision in the parents' favor.

I would like to find out more about it. I am familiar with the material he is supposed to have presented, because I was a homeschool curriculum designer and I was working with a man who was collecting primary documents into an archive.  There is very little documetnation available now.

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