Fr. Mitch Pacwa & DiBari/DiNozzi V. Bedford
I've tried. I can't get past entry-level assistants.  The case has been suppressed because it challenges N-O as well. I wanted to get quotes for a memorial for one of the other people  who provided material, but he was taken into a cult not long after that case and died while serving as an apostate "deacon".  Everyone associated with that case, that I knew at the time, was being contacted and sometimes harassed by very strange cultists. 

It is still dangerous to talk about it very much, but I think that the case has survived and is now supported by enough collateral material that it could be revived as a topic without fear of anything worse than verbal harassment.  It all happened in the 1990's.  It is a historic case. It established that the state of Massachusetts required teacher training which included deliberate targetting of the children of religious families for "re-education" into a  new pagan religion that is promoted in public schools.


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