The Eastern Rite NO mass...the RDL...
I am going to try to "bite my tongue" as I promised Quis I would but Vox:

Your post shows a lot of anger.  Obviously you were upset by what happened.  I'm sure it was not easy for you with all the nonsense from the Latin Church that goes on.  Having to witness more changes would have distressed me as well.  However, you say "For almost 5 decades the Divine Liturgy was just fine. To change it overnight was a sin against the sheep by their shepherds."  But for 5 decades (by the way 50 years is nothing. The Divine Liturgy dates back to the 4th century as you know and the 9th century for the Slavic churches) it was being said in a changed format.  The Divine Liturgy you describe is a very watered down Divine Liturgy.  The fact that the bishops were willing to change it to THAT (what you preferred) and then change it AGAIN is the very reason those so-called "schismatics" (Orthodox Christians) will not "re-join the fold" anymore than the SSPX will "rejoin" the fold.  All these changes and Latinizations of the Divine Liturgy is precisely why I chose to go to an Orthodox Church instead of an Eastern Catholic Rite.  I knew with the Orthodox I would be getting "the real thing."  My reasoning was the same as someone who chooses to go to the SSPX. 

Even the Second Vatican Council encourages the Eastern Rite Churches to maintain their traditions.," ...they should attain to an ever greater knowledge and a more exact use of them, and, if in their regard they have fallen short owing to contingencies of times and persons, they should take steps to return to their ancestral traditions."

If the Ruthenian Bishops are trying to de-Latinize the Divine Liturgy it sounds to me as if they are following the 1964 decree stated above and not "sucking up" as you claim.  I wish you peace Vox. I will comment no more on this subject.

Peace to you

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