The Eastern Rite NO mass...the RDL...
Spasi Said:
Quote:On another subject, I hope to hear you cantor a Divine Liturgy some day.
Yes spasi thanks for your help last year.....and I hope you dont hear me because IM attrocious!
its awkward because the ukie parish I attend had only a spoken "low" Liturgy for years due to priest problems and dwindleing members. So nobody sings along, and Father only has a few sections being sung (its baby steps)
The New priest (Married from the Ukraine) is very motivated to restore the music, unfourtunatly for him Im the only one who stepped up to help,
its doubly awkward because the music Im used to and melodies is the ruthenian which IMO is easier or more cheerfull especially the tropar/kondock then the Ukrainians.
And I dont speak ukrainian and only a little church slavonic.
but meh...Im trying
Christmas went well accept when I butchered the Slavonic!
and all you anti latins will hate it but I sang Joy to the World, we three kings, and oh come all ye faithfull along side the Slavonic hymns :-*

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