The Gospel According to John Bull
I read the first paragraph with interest, it had something true to say about the change in the national character of the English in the post-Reformation times. But then, it seems out of nowhere, it all gives way to venting spite gainst all the English writers he can think of. Evelyn Waugh and Grahm Greenewrites pornography? Excuse me? When did they deny they were Catholics? Waugh, especially, in the classic "Bridehead Revisited", showed how the Church was the solution to the problems of modern life. Besides the fact that they're English, where is he getting this stuff?
The part on Knox is astounding: when Knox makes fun of someone who disbelieved in the Immaculate Conception,pointing out the contradiction in that position, and for that he's taken to task? I suspect Feeney would have equal indignation if Knox had let it go; damned if you do, damned if you don't. "Superficiality in theology" , no evidence given, apparently means " he didn't agree with me".
I don't know much about the others, but it is more of the same castigation without adequate reason. Tyrrell for saying that physical problems can put one in a bad frame of mind, and result in heresy is not wrong, many sins have a bodily starting point; lust is an example. Noyes seems to have written a biography of Voltair- that's all we need to condemn him? WHat about a historian who mentions Voltaire, is he immoral, too? Attwater- are we not allowed to say the Pope can make an error of judgement now? Because I can think of a few papal errors in judgement, too.
I'm of Irish descent as well, and so have no reason to love the English especially, but this is ridiculous. Why not post the good things Feeney wrote?

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