Battle in Thiberville - Parishioners fight for their traditional Priest.
My humble attempt at translation.

The Tv woman introduces the religious as they come. First the new priest, then some guy holding a bible and then the bishop in the gay colors to the jeers of the parishners.

TV woman: "The bishops has come to explain his decision to remove the current priest, FR Michel" people getting in bishops face... cut to the new priest

New Priest: " though the old priest was highly esteemed by the community he repeatedly disobeyed the bishop so its good thgat he is being sanctioned. Though its difficult for the community to understand the decision it remains the decision."cut to town mayor

Mayor: "We listened to the arguments and I think its (removal of priest) a terrible blow to the community"

Old priest, Father Michel:"I'm no longer the official priest of this parish but I remain in The Spirit the priest to these faithful" cut to bishop

Bishop: "These type of people don't want to hear anything and they don't want to learn anything so I continue to do what i have done for a long time, pray and consult my colleagues when these types of situations arise to make the best decision."

Best I could do

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