Battle in Thiberville - Parishioners fight for their traditional Priest.
This video of the event is exactly what I had in mind when I brouight up the question of a lay inquisition in another post.
Looks like one of the parishiners videotaping the event from above.

Bishop shows up with the homosexual flag embroidered into his religious vestments and the people all walk out. I know they were walking out for other reasons but I think the queer colors had an added effect.  

It also appeared to me that the bishop was deliberately provocative by wearing the colors.  He also appeared to enjoy all the attention and controversy.
The man was spitting in the face of Christ.

How many other bishops are like this? How can we keep track of them and neutralize their power and influence?

I have one thought to share.

I was taking a few university classes online a few years back and I was having a few problems with one of my professor's. I heard about a website called and went to see if the professor's name was listed. Sure enough, there she was with ten pages of comments from people she had screwed over. I knew after reading that exactly what kind of person I was dealing with. I suggest  a rate my bishop website where people can post stuff like the above story so we can find out who our bishops/priests are in a hurry. Then we can produce a black list of bishops and priests to be boycotted.

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