Battle in Thiberville - Parishioners fight for their traditional Priest.
(01-07-2010, 09:54 AM)artificial person Wrote: Google translators still get a lot wrong when they translate.

Fr. Michel says in the interview in this video at 1:29 minutes that "under canon law, under the rules of the church he is no longer the priest of the diocese but he remains in The Spirit the priest to these people."

Google has it that he said he is still the priest 'in spirit,' not 'in The Spirit.' When he said he was priest "dans L'Esprit" he was almost surely referring to the Holy Spirit which seems to me that he was saying he was the valid priest though not the legitimate priest.

The concept of valid and ligitimate within the church was explained to me like this, a child born to an unwed mother would be illegitimate (conceived illicitly) but would obviously still be valid or real.
When a bishop is consecrated illicitly it does not mean he cannot give sacraments or that he is not a real bishop but that he was consecrated without approval of the pope.

I think Fr. Michel was saying that he is the valid or real priest of the parish though not the legitimate (legal) priest.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Yes, the capitalization of "LEsprit" indicates the Holy Spirit, otherwise he would have probably said  "dans mon ame" which would mean "In my soul" or "dans omon esprit" and I think it means he can still be sought out for sacraments, he just won't be there for the tregular Sunday Mass. They'll be doing the hotel-church thing, most likely.

You definitely have to  be cautious with the Googler. Lots of French words are very ambiguous when compared with their English equivalents. This translation is for general comprehension only, and should not  be quoted without the original French.

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