Battle in Thiberville - Parishioners fight for their traditional Priest.
I believe the French shall lead the Restoration.  Yeah, most are agnostic or muslims, but the SSPX has been big in France for 40 years.  I hope it won't be too late.
(01-07-2010, 11:34 AM)littlerose Wrote: Yes, the capitalization of "LEsprit" indicates the Holy Spirit, otherwise he would have probably said  "dans mon ame" which would mean "In my soul" or "dans omon esprit" and I think it means he can still be sought out for sacraments, he just won't be there for the tregular Sunday Mass. They'll be doing the hotel-church thing, most likely.

This is the way as many 'independent priest started in the US. There is one in the village where I live:

an old priest established an about 40 family community in the eighties, they bought a chapel. After the old priest died or retired someone else took it over.There is no apparent affiliation to anyone else, what is striking that the website does not even mention the previous priest. . I feel the 'everyone else is wrong but me' sentiment.

On the otherwise quite liberal diocesan Catholic Church there are 4200 registered families.

What r u on abpout
here's a good letter about Thiberville, from an Anglo-Catholic:

The response to the usual ecclesiastical bullying on the part of modernist ordinaries at places like Thiberville has precedent in history. At some point people get fed up and decide to do something against the effrontery of a class of sneering ecclesiastics who wish merely to subvert and destroy. Their sly jibes, administrative demotion of actual Catholicism, petty persecution of its exponents is designed to make Catholicism go away while they wed what remains of its physical plant to the predominant secular vision; it would explain why so many of them are so keen on advocating the same sorts of things throughout the world, as if a mock magisterium were giving some order to their efforts on behalf of the religion of man. Again, it's the part of Catholics to resist these things.
This situation has now been resolved and the bishop has backed down. Father Michel has been restored to his parish.

This link has English subtitles:


Can you hear the first faint rumblings of this battle cry?  Our Lord who has saved us from sin and death itself, will save us from this death and untruth in the Church.  I think this is a sign of things to come.  I just hope I am still young enough to battle when the time comes.
Funny, I got the exact same feeling.
This is yet another reason not to add a penny to the collection baskets in the NO Church.

Unfortunately the Congregation for the Clergy has now ruled in favor of the bishop and thus the parish at Thiberville no longer exists.
Another good priest gone...

(04-07-2010, 01:27 PM)Cetil Wrote: Unfortunately the Congregation for the Clergy has now ruled in favor of the bishop and thus the parish at Thiberville no longer exists.
Another good priest gone...


I wonder how that affects people, really? That parish has been disbursed but only to resurface, perhaps? How hospitable are the surrounding parishes?

I'd like to know more about the process of the Congregation for the Clergy.  Obviously, the Church has to protect the ability of Bishops to maintain authority, but perhaps this is a small battle lost while the larger battle looms.

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