Parents should...bless their children [with] a Cross on the child's forehead...
offical or not, we do this every night.  the book i just recieved from Angelus press called "The Christian Mother, Her duties and prayers", which is an old book, reccomends it highly.
A Sacral Greeting: the Blessing

"We reach the fourth degree of greeting, the most complex and sacral. This salutation completes the former with the request for a blessing, which invests it with a religious character. The blessing is in fact a prayer made by parents to which God responds with His grace..."

"....The father is the indisputable head of the family, the king obeyed and respected in the home place. In a sound Catholic society, he is the representative of the wife and children before the civil powers, just as he is the representative of God before his family members. His authority is not received from any earthly powers, because he is not the father by the will of the State or any positive law. His authority comes from God and, therefore, his blessing also comes from God. "

"...The mother, although submissive to her husband, shares this authority and can also give a blessing to the children. .."

"...For similar reasons, it is also normal for a child to ask the blessing of his grandparents, godparents, uncles and aunts. In Catholic countries, the blessing is not just something for children, but grown men and women are not ashamed to ask the blessing of their parents either privately or in public..."


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