TLM in Cannes, France
Ok.  I have no idea if this is the right place for this one.  But, I've got to say something. 

On Christmas, Pilgrim and I talked my mom, dad, and sister into going to a TLM in Cannes.  It was terrible.  The priest mumbled so much that I couldn't follow along (and I've been to a number of Latin masses and usually have no trouble at all).  The Latin was delivered so fast that it was impossible to keep up with the priest; his homily (at least the whole family understands French) didn't really dwell on Christmas and instead focused on teaching children to behave properly in church.  I think the mass took a total of 45 minutes max on Christmas!  My sister was totally intimidated and my mother made fun of the homily and even the chapel veils I'd bought for them to wear.  My father was the only one supportive of the attempt. 

I think I've done my mother and sister a terrible disservice by trying to get them to a TLM where I didn't know the priest.  I was so disappointed that I almost feel like writing this priest a letter. 

Any thoughts? 

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