Traditional Catholic podcast
Does someone know about any truly Catholic podcast? (or, if you wish, traditional Catholic)

A pretty decent NO podcast (but with a slight charismatic flavor) -

I like Fr. Z's podcasts, they're always very good and informative and have beautiful chants that coincide with the subject of the podcast. I'm guessing he's not a favorite around here though because he's another over-opinionated American and there isn't many on this site. Check them out.
This is from Michael Voris's "One True Faith" series.  Top notch stuff and my personal favorite.
I use this link online link when I pray the Divine Office, The Rosery in Latin etc. in my Oratory.  It's called Traditional Catholic Radio.  It works out well for me.
You can find this via search.... just fyi.
There's actually been a few threads on this over the years, I strongly recommend reading them as well to make sure you cover all your bases.

That being said, there's audiosancto as has been mentioned, also I would have recommended Stephen Hands' TCR Reports but all traces of his show seem to have been erased and sent down the memory hole.

Lastly, there's one not mentioned, I'll mention on HK's behalf, as he's recommended it in the past:
Thanks very much  :)
Checked all previous threads....guess I got everything I needed

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