Cold Weather Cookin: What Warms Your Kitchen?
It's chilly and I'm thinking about comfort foods and warm kitchens. Can't decide if I want to bake or make stew tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll make a bunch of meatloafs.  What about you? What is your favorite cold-day, warm-kitchen recipe?
Chili.  Some hot, spicy, hearty chili will warm the heart right up.
Rockut Krompli or Chicken Paprikash (We cook alotta Hungarian)
Home made bread
Christmas cookies (hey, it's still part of the greater Christmas season!)
Coq au vin.

Homemade French bread with which to sop up the sauce.
Mrs. WRC and I were watching BBQ University on PBS this afternoon.  He was skewering lamb for kabobs, then grilling them outside over charcoal.  It looked awesome.  I hate cooking winter food.  I'd much rather stretch out in the backyard and drink beer in the summer sunshine.

That said, I've been rocking the Lentil soup.  And the pastas that you can't do in the summer (creamy ones). Tomorrow, Mrs. WRC is making this gigantic calzone thing that's bigger than the dog.
My grandmother makes the best stew in cold weather like this! It has beef, carrots, beans, all kinds of vegetables in it. Pop's homemade bread goes mighty fine with it.

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I start making crock-pot pot roasts in the chilly months.

Chili is of course a winner, I just don't make one, the wife does that dish.
Homemade soups!  Especially French Onion and Chicken Noodle.
LOVE homemade soup, the canned stuff is crapola.
I make a good Paprika pea soup, and yummy Goulash

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