Is Alcoholism Genetic?
(01-10-2010, 09:35 PM)Inion_Coinin Wrote: Okay, I apologize for offending you.  I should have stated that I was just postulating and throwing together bits of information that I had learned here and there, and that in no way am I to be taken seriously as an authority on any matter whatsoever.

And I apologise for my tone, I have a knee-jerk reaction when it comes to my country -  most Irish people do. Thats why we hammered the English nearly a century ago.
I apologize too -- I'm protective of the ladies.

Americans have a very romantic image of the Irish, and odd to say, I think that the idea of the Irish as drunks comes from that in part. From what I've seen, I'd say we're the ones with the seriously unhealthy alcohol habits. And perhaps, also, Irish immigrants had drinking problems as a response to the harshness of their lives, and so Americans got the idea that the Irish are just drunks, period.
Its funny isnt it, the ideas people have about other countries.

When Americans come over here, for some reason they tend to be between 50-80 years old, they are REALLY loud, and come across as incredibly dense. As such Americans have been stereotpyed over here as all being so.

I think its because the Americans who come over here (rather the vast majority thereof) are people who are seeking an ideal place, a place like Ireland in the 1950's, horse drawn carts, capíns, everyone drinking Guinness. Americans really do have a crazy idea of what Ireland is like. I think they are shocked to find the country as it is, advanced, educated, full of money, hedonistic and completely Americanized.
And I'm protective of younger folk, and considering it has come to my attention that people who are under 21 and in America are posting here about getting drunk, this thread is locked with the clear admonition that Vox and I in no way promote underage drinking.  People under 21 please refrain from posting about your drinking escapades.  You will have plenty of time to be stupid when you are 21.


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