Our Bronze Serpents must be destroyed.
It seems the biggest gripe people have with Christmas is the stress of shopping. One word: SIMPLIFY. Buy less. Go to ONE store to purchase your gifts and get it done in ONE night. It's possible. You just have to sit down and make a plan. Create an annual "theme" and stick to it. Give gift certificates to a restaurant that everybody likes, etc..

Another way to keep Christmas meaningful is to say a rosary each night in December. Offer it up for those who don't celebrate the true meaning of Christmas; those who spend Christmas alone; those who get depressed during the holidays; poor families who don't get any presents, etc..

Then put your prayers into action. Shovel the snow from your neighbor's driveway. Bake cookies for the secretary at your church. Donate a turkey to the Food Bank. Drop off some extra blankets at the nursing home. Got an old coat you don't wear anymore? Take it to the homeless shelter. Bundle up some of last year's toys that the kids don't play with anymore (but are still in good shape) and take them to Children's Hospital.

You'll be losing those "bronze serpents" in no time.

- Lisa

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