Missing parts of the Mass due to infant care
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(01-10-2010, 05:00 PM)Miquelot Wrote: If one bring a fussy infant to church, how much of Mass may one miss (with all the exiting and returning, distraction, etc.) before your attendance fails to meet your Sunday obligation and is there a point one should abstain from receiving Holy Communion on such a day? 

1./ Caring about infants is legal excuse to miss the Sunday or Holy Day obligation

2./ The valid presence required from the beginning of the Offertory to the Communion of the priest inclusive

3./ Imho the presence in the crying area is presence, and one changing in the restroom does not breaks the presence

Cant believe Im saying this....but glgas got this one right!    :o

If you have an infant....dont worry about it. Its legitamte even to stay at home if necessary

Yes, this is true.  Although for many moms infancy isn't always an issue ... except when the tooth is coming :).  It is the toddler years that seem to be the most trying for parents. I'd say take them to daily mass when possible.  I did this with my sons 'cause I'll be damned if I was missing mass. Going to the library often helps teach them these are times and places we respect quietness. Also, family prayer at home will help a great deal.  Most importantly, invoke our Blessed Mother at Mass. Ask her to rock, comfort and help your little ones. Don't leave out their Holy Angel. All this works... believe me. They will learn.  At one time I, along with a few coworkers had to take 30 preschoolers (age 3&4) to mass--they are expected to behave, sit quietly and be respectful in God's house. And they do.  Another thought that might interest you is to bring along a sitter or other older teen perhaps that would sit with you and the children to help. Not play and answer Q's but to be there to assist.  Prepare them before mass. They go to the bathroom before mass so they won't need to leave during Mass.  Another thought is attending Mass with dad.  A fathers example speaks volumes.

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