Missing parts of the Mass due to infant care
(01-10-2010, 07:28 PM)Credo Wrote: It's because of this kind of legalism that I think the whole concept of "holy days of obligation" should be chucked. It serves to make the devout paranoid about how much their worship "counted." The only people who care about such holy days are amongst the pious anyway, so why cause complexes amongst the faithful?

Every time there is a rule there is a danger of people becoming legalistic about it (though I doubt this was the case in the original post).  Getting rid of all the rules because of this danger is a mistake.  The opposite of legalism is antinomianism which is also a heresy: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/01564b.htm.

Opportunities for obedience are very important for spiritual growth.  In order to obey one must submit one's will to God.  One dies to self in order to grow in Christ.  Many saints wrote of the importance of obedience.  There are other reasons why rules are necessary, but this I think is the most important.

I, personally, have been helped by the existence of Holy Days of Obligation.  I know that I have benefited from going to Mass on days when I did not really feel like it.  When I went as an act of obedience it was a blow against my self-will and my tendency to self-indulgence.  There must be a better way of dealing with the danger of legalism than removing the opportunity for obedience.


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