Missing parts of the Mass due to infant care
Ive had either a fussy baby or a fussy toddler at church for the last 5 yrs. My dh and I have a system for Sundays now, if hes not working. He takes the older girls with him (5 and 3) and I go to the late Mass by myself. If he is working, my mom usually goes to the early mass, and watches my little guy (21 months) and my 3 yr old, depending on her mood, and I take my 5 yr old with me. I have NEVER felt i missed my obligation ever. I am there, and doing the best I can, while dealing with babies or toddlers...and Jesus knows this!
Soon I'll have the new baby, so he will come with me as he'll be nursed, we have a crying room, but its tiny, so I only go in there when I have a nursing baby, if I do have my toddlers, I go downstairs (theres speakers, so you can hear and follow along). the crying room is too small for squirming rambunctious kids!

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