mpls/stpaul: AOTM Club 1/12 Ferrara on Vatican II and the Spirit of Woodstock
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St. Augustine’s Catholic Church
In the basement of St. Augustine's Catholic Church.

408 3rd St N.
South St Paul, MN 55075

January 12th 2010, Vatican II and the Spirit of Woodstock!

Author and pro-life attorney Christopher A. Ferrara (who worked on the Theresa Schiavo case) will argue that current condition of the Church arises from a failed experiment in liberalism that has never risen to the level of binding Catholic doctrine.  Hence the title of his widely acclaimed study of changes in the Church after Vatican II: The Great Facade.

Mr. Ferrara will address what the book calls “a regime of novelty in the Roman Catholic Church” since Vatican II and what he contends are its disastrous effects on virtually every aspect of the Church’s health and well-being. In one of his most controversial statements Mr. Ferrara declares that ”The Council’s much-vaunted ‘opening to the world’ was, in truth, a suppression of the Church’s immune system, resulting almost immediately in the many-faceted disease that now afflicts her.”  He contends that the Church is quite capable of putting Vatican II and the changes that followed behind her, because neither the Council nor the Popes since the Council have imposed on the faithful any real change in what a Catholic must believe or do in order to be Catholic.  He considers “getting over the Council” a matter of urgent priority for the Church.

More than a monologue, the presentation will involve Mr. Ferrara stating his case and then letting the moderator and the audience “have at him” (with Catholic decorum and good humor, of course!) in the manner of an appellate argument before judges.  As Mr. Ferrara told us: “I love a hot bench.”  This will indeed be a spirited evening in the tradition of the Argument of the Month.

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