Israel rabbi asks pope to halt Pius' beatification
(01-12-2010, 09:06 PM)QuisUtDeus Wrote: In the past, Jewish leaders had asked the pope to put the beatification on hold until archives on Pius' pontificate are opened to outside scholars. The Vatican has said those archives won't be catalogued and ready until 2014 at the earliest.

In the interview broadcast Tuesday, Lau said Benedict should halt the process for this generation, saying that beatifying Pius would offend Holocaust survivors.

Lau urged the pope "not to take the next step for the beatification of Pius XII, not in this generation," adding this would "hurt the feelings of those Holocaust survivors who are still alive."

I confess I can't see the problem with wanting to wait until the archives are opened. From what I've heard, Pius did quite a bit to aid the Jews (within the limits of his, and the Church's, situation). But why rush in to things? Why not wait until we have all the information? After all, if, as I suspect, the information that does come to light confirms that Pius XII did indeed seek to aid the Jews and oppose the Nazis (from within Fascist territory, no less), wouldn't that make the case for his beatification all the stronger?

Note that I'm not arguing that Jews or any other group should have a say on the internal affairs of the Church. It just seems that it's best to act with full information. Besides, one generation is a very short time in the life of the Church.
The shot against the Holy Father was bogus. We all know the facts; he was drafted &c. an when you add to that the fact that he deserted surely it should count as a credit to him, rather than a debit? Yet they view it in a negative light.
Pope Pius XII did heaps for the Jews, and POWs and other suffering people during the war. He did as much as he could.
I can;t remember the name but there is a really good book in the parish library about Pope Pius XII during WWII.
(01-12-2010, 10:21 PM)Valz Wrote:
(01-12-2010, 09:06 PM)QuisUtDeus Wrote: They should stay out of Church affairs.

The only reason they meddle is because those in the hierarchy have shown time and time again that they care about their opinion about internal Church affairs and that they are ready to change their position on anything if they only find offense with it.

These people are so lame. And our Pope actually wants to go to their stupid sinagogue. If I were he I would cut off all relations with the deicides until they stay out of our affairs.

one word: chutzpah
Baskerville makes a point subtly.  I'll make it more robustly.  This and the last few Popes have opened themselves and the church up to this external criticism by playing nicey nicey with these people and apologising for just about every event the Church was remotely connect with.

The chief rabbi wouldn't dare say anything like that to the Grand Mufti because someone would put a Fatwa on his arse and he'd be dead before the year was out.

Nor would he tell the Church what to do if he was going to get a flee in his ear.

You act weak, you get treated with disrespect.
(01-13-2010, 06:18 AM)ggreg Wrote: You act weak, you get treated with disrespect.

The hard truth.
Well said.
Perhaps the Rabbi should have to explain and defend his "surprise" ? Then defend his remarks about Pope Benedict XVI concerning his stint in the Hitler Youth, the German Army, and his desertion and how that effects him and his fellow Jews.
Waiting for the archives to be opened is simply stalling. The world already has access to the Nazi's plans to kill or kidnap P12, so whatever he was doing was clearly working. Besides, how many survivors of the camps can be left and isn't their upset simply sour grapes over their brothers' good fortune over being rescued by Pius? Why discount the Jewish praise heaped upon him at his death?

I think the Holy Father should reply to the Rabbi and say "Catholics find it deeply offensive when your important museum slanders my predecessor of blessed memory."

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