Great Prayer Need: Devastation in Haiti; deaths among clergy


Haiti Archbishop Killed in Quake as Churches, Cathedral Reduced to Rubble

Fox News
January 13, 2010
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Msgr. Joseph Serge Miot, the archbishop of Port-au-Prince, was killed in the devastating earthquakes that rocked the Haitian capital Tuesday, Church sources said.

The archbishop of Port-au-Prince was killed in the devastating earthquake that has demolished the Haitian capital and taken untold lives since striking Tuesday, according to a dispatch from the Vatican.

The body of Msgr. Joseph Serge Miot, 65, was found under the rubble of the archdiocese, and may be one of only hundreds of victims trapped in the ruins of Church buildings on the island.

The apostolic nuncio in Haiti, Msgr. Bernardito Auza, said that the cathedral and all the major churches and seminaries in Port-au-Prince were leveled by the most powerful temblor to strike the island in two centuries. Hundreds of seminarians and priests were trapped in the rubble, he told Vatican Radio.

A priest at the French headquarters of Archbishop Miot's order, the Missionaries of St. Jacques, cofirmed to Fox News what he called the "sad and terrible news" of the Haitian archbishop's death. He had no further details of the status of clergy working in Haiti.
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Although there is a great Catholic presence, from what I understand the country is also devastated by the occult practice of voodoo. The suffering is more than we can probably imagine now.  It looks like the capitol is essentially wiped out and there is no guess of how many have perished. So many have died an unprovided death.

One can send money to Catholic Relief Services at

I would guess that Aid to the Church in Need will be helping with the rebuilding of Church properties and more:
I didn't not hear about this until now...I just got back from mass (I didn't check the news this morning).

This is horrible. It seems almost every building was destroyed, governmental, schools, hospitals and churches.
It's terrible; Port auPrince is devastated, and Haiti is even more of a disaster than it was before. Pray for everyone on the island, please, it's not clear that recovery is even possible. No one is in charge, and the corrupt government is already stealing the money sent for relief. My grandmother is down there now (she teaches on an outlying mission) but was outside the city when the quake hit.
I heard that the Dominican Republic was relatively untouched, other side of the island. Go figure.

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